2310 San Gabriel Street | Austin, Texas 78705

Special Events & Holiday Parties

Historical spaces can do much more than simply showing a snapshot of history

Whether we’re hosting a special free event, book signing, or open-house party, the 19th century architecture and period furnishings of this historic house lend something unique and irreplaceable. No exhibit, no matter how well conceived and executed, can give us the experience of socializing and enjoying ourselves in historical surroundings without actually allowing us to socialize and enjoy ourselves in those same surroundings. Just like the Neill family in the 1870s and 1880s, every once in a while, we pull out all the stops and open the museum for an out-of-the-ordinary event as a way to think our way back into the social uses that the house was designed for.

Think we need to host your workshop, book signing, or talk? Contact us!