23 Sep

October 20 – Bring your own cool: make a folding fan

Memory Fan Verso
Fan 9 back

Why are we fans of…fans?

We wish we could do a workshop on the development of air conditioning (which really was about reducing humidity in factories rather than temperature in houses and public buildings in the beginning), but that’s a little bit too complicated for a Sunday at the museum. Instead, we decided that the next best thing was to look at other ways that people kept cool before air conditioning became the norm.

After we made an exhibit of a collection of folding fans, we realized that they could be at least as decorative as they are practical.

Are you cool?

Fan designers will have their pick of papers and strips of wood to build and decorate their own fans. Paints, stickers, stamps, markers, pencils, pens, and magazines to use for collage will all be available to make stunning or simple designs.

This activity is appropriate for all ages (adults included!), but children younger than 8 will likely need the help of an older child or an adult. This is a drop-in event; it is not necessary to arrive at 1pm nor stay until 4pm to enjoy the activity. Plan on at least 20 minutes to complete a fan from start to finish.

A museum scavenger hunt will also be available for those who want to take a closer look at our historic buildings and grounds.

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