21 Jun

July 1 – Make your own 4th: Pinwheels, noisemakers, and more!

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Enjoy an early Independence Day with DIY noisemakers, pinwheels and red-white-and-blue rosettes.

This year marks the 242nd birthday of America. We’ll be examining early traditions and celebrations that surround this patriotic holiday and teaching how to make noisemakers, pinwheels, and decorative paper rosettes. This is the perfect activity to help you get started prepping decorations for that Wednesday barbecue we’re all looking forward to.

Celebrate in style.

History lab experimenters will have the choice to make either a noisemaker, pinwheel, a decorative rosette or both! We’ll have an assortment of colored paper, buttons, and anything else you need to craft your own unique decorations.

This activity is appropriate for all ages (adults included!), but children younger than 8 will likely need the help of an older child or an adult. This is a drop-in event; it is not necessary to arrive at 1pm nor stay until 4pm to enjoy the activity.

A museum scavenger hunt will also be available for those who want to take a closer look at our historic buildings and grounds.

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