Clomid (Clomiphene)

The scheme of use of medicine is selected individually according to sensitivity (reactivity) of ovaries of patients. In case of cyclic bleedings treatment is recommended to be begun from 5 in the afternoon a cycle. Klostilbegit appoint 50 mg a day within 5 days, at the same time research reaction of ovaries by means of laboratory and clinical methods. The ovulation usually comes for the 11-15th day of a cycle. In the absence of effect of Klostilbegit appoint from the 5th day of the following menstrual cycle in a dose 100 mg a day within 5 days. If this attempt isn't followed by success, then treatment by Klostilbegit in a dose of 100 mg repeat one more cycle. If the ovulation is absent, then a similar three-months course (with use of a daily dose in 100 mg) conduct once again after a three-months break then don't recommend to continue treatment by Klostilbegit. The general dose of Klostilbegit during a cycle shan't exceed 750 mg. In case of an oligospermiya of Klostilbegit appoint in a dose 50 mg 1-2 times a day within 6 weeks under systematic control of a spermogram. The patients receiving Klostilbegit are recommended to carry out control of function of a liver. Prior to treatment women should conduct careful gynecologic examination. Treatment is effective at the normal or reduced level of the general egestion of Gonadotropinums, the status of ovaries which isn't changed pappatorno, also at skorregirovanny function of a thyroid gland and adrenals. In the absence of ovulations prior to treatment by Klostilbegit other causes of sterility have to be removed or the corresponding treatment is carried out. At augmentation of ovaries or their cystic transformation treatment has to be suspended before normalization of their sizes. In these cases therapy can be continued with use of the minimum doses or shorter period of therapy. Due to the difficulties of definition of time of an ovulation, and also with a failure of function of a yellow body, after treatment clomifene recommends preventive purpose of Progesteronum. Klostilbegit apply only at constant gynecologic observation. Klostilbegit possesses pronounced anti-estrogenic action. And therefore it is better for women not to accept drug with endometrium body height problems. After three unsuccessful courses of a klostilbegit (with gradual augmentation of a dosage) in the absence of an ovulation, or total absence of body height of follicles it is necessary to conduct additional examination of an organism and to reconsider treatment methods. Klostilbegit it isn't recommended to accept more than 5-6 times in life. Consequences of abuse of drug can be rather deplorable and threaten the woman with "early attrition of ovaries" (or "an early climacterium"). At the similar diagnosis further treatment of sterility with own ootids of the woman can be under very larger question, and in certain cases just impossible. In similar cases very often only way out remains only EKO with a donor ootid. Influence on ability to steer motor transport and other mechanisms Due to the transient vision disorders in an initiation of treatment Klostilbegit isn't recommended control of vehicles, and also the special equipment. * Buy Clomid (Clomiphene) without prescription * clomid for sale online cheap * clomid best price * order clomid