Electricity 2
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Beyond “do not touch” and “did you know people used to have to…”

Building on the work of our History Lab series, our maker spaces emphasize hands-on, historically based activities that bring developments in technology and the arts to life. What technologies go in to taking a basic black & white photograph? Where does the paper you (might not even) write on come from–and what was life like when it was in much shorter supply? Do you want to learn to craft like a 19th century person? These are the questions we want you to be able think through as active participants making your own connections and finding your own insights. Re-discover the origins of the aesthetic and technological changes of the last 200 hundred years with us at the following workshops!

New to our hands on workshops? Read Free Fun in Austin’s review of our drop-in pinhole camera workshop in September 2016. Questions about these or other museum events? Wire us a message!

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The Neill-Cochran House Museum relies exclusively on volunteers and individual donations to preserve our historic house and fill it to the brim with workshops, free Sundays, exhibits, and more. We are funded independently of local, state, and federal government. New or renewing members and one-time donations drive our growing visibility in the city that continues to grow up around us.