28 Jan

April 3: Sunday Funday: Simple Machines

What’s so simple about machines?

IMG_0793What is a machine? Many of us think of machines as things that do work for us, but this month, Sunday Funday will investigate simple machines, that is, tools that make it easier for us to do the work ourselves. From inclined planes to pulleys, from levers to screws, simple machines are everywhere, including the construction of the 1855 historic house and the implements and tools used to live life in it.

With help from staff and volunteers, kids will be able to engage in daring feats of strength using a block-and-tackle (a system of pulleys and ropes) and a movable fulcrum lever.
The museum and grounds will be open for tours, including a new exhibit from the IMG_0794Austin History Center in the interpretive gallery and a responsive exhibit about the museum gardens and grounds. We’ll also have a machine themed seek-and-find guide for more curious and keen-eyed patrons.

Keeping with the theme and weather permitting, we’ll have badminton and croquet set up on the front lawn: both games using – you guessed it – simple machines! (Third class levers, to be exact)